Scarce Fest Jamaica 4/20 A Huge Success

Scarce Commodity, in association with the Ganja Growers and Producers Association of Jamaica (GGPAJ), is pleased to announce that the inaugural hosting of Jamaica’s International 4/20 Cannabis Day Celebrations, Scarce Fest and Cannabis Cup held on April 20 at the Jamaica Conference Centre, Kingston, was a huge success.

The event was well supported by a diverse group of local and international cannabis growers, producers, investors, entrepreneurs and interest groups who engaged in high-level discourse in a peaceful, calm, irie and relaxing atmosphere. More than 15 booths were on display, showcasing a wide variety of cannabis and hemp strains and by-products that are currently being researched and developed by Jamaicans across the island.

Ganja goodies

Smoothies, shakes, cookies, cupcakes, gummy bears, oils, lotions, soaps, rum, water, wine, female genital lubricant, fertiliser and many more, as well as all sorts of hemp material, hemp board and hempcrete were readily accessible for viewing and examination. These were sampled and purchased by local and international invitees.

It was a very mature crowd, cannabis edibles were consumed and the event was incident and trouble free. There was a genuine appreciation for what Jamaica truly has to offer to the rest of the world, which is a major step in the right direction for Jamaica’s cannabis and hemp industries.

The GGPAJ’s guest speaker, world-renowned cannabis investor, Mr Anton Mattadeen, appeared to be very impressed with the variety, quality, healthiness, wholesomeness and creativity of the products that were present on display.

The Jamaica Stock Exchange is now more enthused and excited about the industry and increasing Jamaica’s share. They were also pleased with what they experienced first-hand.

“Ganja users are very responsible, calm and peaceful people,” a tourist outlined when being interviewed by Scarce Commodity TV.

The overall responses from everyone, including these tourists, the Rastafarian community, politicians, investors, ganja growers and producers, was nothing less than excellent and first class. It was fun as we continue to prepare the solid foundation necessary to compete in a global marketplace. The overseas patrons explained the importance of adding structure, shape and form to the industry if Jamaica wants to compete fulsomely in the global market place.

Cannabis Cup

The inaugural Jamaica Cannabis Cup, organised by Scarce Commodity in association with Ganja Growers and Producers of Jamaica, was superb.

There were six categories: best CBD flowers, best THC flowers, best Ital flowers, best cannabis edible, best cannabis drink and best non-edible. The Jamaica Cannabis Cup saw 47 entries on the day showcasing the diversity and creativity within the Jamaica cannabis industry from cannabis strains developed by local breeders and grown under different cultivation regimes, delicious cannabis edibles with detailed labelling, cannabis-infused drinks, various types of cannabis concentrates, through to cannabis lubricants and tinctures.


Number Of Entries Per Category:


– Best CBD Flowers = 2

– Best THC Flowers = 6

– Best Ital Flowers = 7

– Best Edible = 19

– Best Drink = 5

– Best Non- edible = 8

Jamaica Cannabis Cup winners




– First place: UTech Ganja Lab with the strain Cherry CBD, grown by Bali Vaswani and bred by Tristan Champagnie and DaniFountain.

– Second place: Root House with the strain Cruise Control, grown and bred by Ras Negus.




– First place: Root House with the strain Lion Crown, grown and bred by Ras Negus.

– Second place: Dylan Chang with the strain Durban Tangerine, grown and bred by Dylan Chang.

– Third place: Island Kaya with the strain Gorilla Glue #4, grown by Bali Vaswani, breeder unknown.




– First place: Rough House with the strain Crystal Lighten, grown and bred by Rough House.

– Second place: Dylan Chang with the strain Watermelon, grown by Dylan Chang, breeder unknown.

– Third place: King with the strain Blue Berry Kush, grown and bred by King.




– First place: Mel’s Tree – Eats with Oatmeal cookies.

– Second place: Canna Cookie Monster with Chip-Chip with butter.

– Third place: Legal 5 with Vegan Peppermint Chocolate Brownie.




– First place: Local Crop with Jamdown Otahiti Apple Beetroot.

– Second place: Raw Herb Sells with Ganja-Infused Water.

– Third place: Raw Herb Sells with Ganja Green Juice.




– First place: Legal 5 with Isis Cannabis Lubricant.

– Second place: Legal 5 with Honey Ganja Salve.

– Third place: Jason Williams with Blue Dream Keif

These will be presented at the Scarce Awards Royal Gold Carpet Event.

In recap, the Jamaica 4/20 event was second to none. Scarce Commodity emphasised the importance of improving the fact sheets and the ingredients labelling on some of the edibles.

As a matter of fact, the winners in the edibles and drink sections were selected based on their ability to display an approach to display in line with international standards, as Scarce Commodity strives to put Jamaica at the forefront of the global neutraceutic, therapeutic, medical, psychological, psychiatric cannabis industries.

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