Best Ital Cannabis

cannabis gold standard cup

Previous Winner:
Rough House, with the strain Crystal Lighten, grown and bred by Rough House.

Best CBD Cannabis

cannabis pink standard cup

Previous Winner:
UTech Ganja Lab, with the strain, Cherry CBD, grown by Bali Vaswani and bred by Tristan Champagnie & Dani Fountain.

Best THC Cannabis

cannabis green standard cup

Previous Winner:
Root House, with the strain Lion Crown, grown and bred by Ras Negus.

Best Cannabis

cannabis edible cup

Previous Winner:
Mel’s Tree-Eats, with Oatmeal Cookies.

Best Cannabis

cannabis non-edible cup

Previous Winner:
Legal 5, with Isis Cannabis Lubricant.

Best Cannabis

cannabis drink cup

Previous Winner:
Local Crop, with Jamdown Otaheiti Apple Beetroot.


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