Scarce Commodity launches a third party Quality Assurance and Quality Control certification programme for the cultivation, inputs, post-harvesting, manufacturing, labelling, packaging, distribution and dispensing of cannabis, necessary to legitimise the Caribbean Cannabis Economy (CCE).

Scarce Commodity is dedicated to providing thorough on-site inspection, audits and lab testing of cannabis farms, labs, labels, packages, modes of transportation and dispensation. This is to ensure that participants in the CCE employ Best Management Practices (BMPs) to grow, process, produce, package, label, distribute and dispense cannabis and its by-products within the constraints of municipal, national and environmental regulations. Scarce Commodity will continue to market the Caribbean’s cannabis industry and provide mandatory technical support to all affiliated stakeholders in the industry locally, regionally and internationally.

Scarce Commodity conducts economic impact assessment of cannabis-related activities to fully track the value of the local and regional industries to the Global Cannabis Economy (GCE). This will allow all Caribbean cannabis industries to increase market share in trading of the commodity in timing of the global index