Access to patrons ready and willing to buy

Securing a booth at Scarce Fest means making business connections while showcasing your products to the more than 4000+ attendees, ready to try and buy cannabis products.

Guaranteed visits to your booth all day long

Not only do we drive traffic to your booth throughout the day with games and giveaways from the stage, other activities including a raffle open to all attendees keeps the excitement high, ensuring traffic to your booth!

Enter the
Cannabis Cup!

Exhibitors/Sponsors can also compete in the Cannabis Cup competition towin coveted awards. Winners get their winningproduct featured on the Scarce Fest website for one year!


* Showcase your goods and services to 4,000+ attendees.
* Enter to win the Cannabis Cup
* Be featured on our site for one year.


Become a Scarce Exhibitor

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